Black Box

Honestly, we’re a little surprised you didn’t want to open up the Brandrr Box...


But hey, just because you didn’t pick it up, doesn’t put you in the tinkerer category!

We get it... investing $67 for a box full of marketing tools that’ll be with you for life... is still $67 for something you’ve not been able to take a close look at...


But we still want to help you get your brand RECOGNIZED, and your products SOLD for a very long time to come...

And we want you to be able to IMPACT any market you decide to conquer with ease. And more than anything, we want you to be able to get the very most out of Brandrr...


So that every time you need a new logo, there’s no thought of paying someone else... There’s just Brandrr, a couple of clicks, and the perfect logo - every time.

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Get The Box For $1. Open It.
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Here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll find inside:

1 Exclusive Brandrr Box Niche Templates: (Value $2.000)

Launch multiple products or brands with fresh new logo designs in multiple niches and save hundreds on design costs every step of the way. New niches include:


2 Professional Brandrr Box Graphics: (Value $1.000)

Upgrade Brandrr’s ability to create diverse, stylish logos with Brandrr Box’s exclusive graphic pack… More graphics, mean more personalization, across more niches and more eyes on YOUR product.


3 Premium Brandrr Box Icons: (Value $1.500)

Branddr can create even the most complicated logo design. Or you can fine tune them yourself with an exclusive selection of premium icons to stylize your logos.


To make 100% certain you’ve made the right investment, we’ll let you use your Brandrr templates for a full 30-days...


Invest just $1 in your business today, and if you decide at any time they’re nothing other than spectacular we’ll rush you a full and speedy refund. No questions asked.

On Canvas

Plus, any logos you’ve created are yours to keep and use without restriction. For life.

You can’t say fairer than that.

The value is clear.

That’s $4.500 worth of design work for you to use as many times as you like, without ever paying or waiting for a designer to do the work.

It’s $4.500 of design work that will MAKE SURE you never look like another "me too" marketer... and that you’ll STANDOUT in every niche you choose to dominate.


And you can access it right NOW for a single dollar.

Of course, we’re 99.9% sure you’re going to be blown away by the ACTUAL content inside Brandrr Box, and if that’s the case, there’s nothing for you to do, we’ll simply rebill your card for the additional $66… 7 days from today.

Easy, right?

But REMEMBER, We’re only offering Brandrr Box to new Brandrr customers, and you’ll never see this $1 offer page again...

So now the choice is an easy one.

You can keep playing in the little leagues, competing against the masses, tinkering with your business and hoping for success.

Black Box

Or you can get SERIOUS, enter the big leagues, add the Brandrr Box to your order for JUST $1 and start hitting home runs with every logo you create.

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